The World of Search Engines
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The World of Search Engines

Tired of the same old Search Engine? Find one that is right for you.

The computer world is a fascinating place as it is, but when it comes to finding information, it can be a huge stress.  For many people, they have their favorite search engines, however there are still many more people, that don't, they like to test the waters. 

The search engine world is bigger than many people realize.  There are a lot of different search engines to choose from.  Since it is near impossible to list them all, here are a few that may help you and what they do in terms of searching the world wide web.

1) Google- Google isn't just a search engine these days, it has changed and evolved into a world all of its own.  Not only can you do your web searching, but you can also get e-mail by using their gmail system.  But, wait, you can also set up your own personal home page that can reflect your personality and give you information that you care about.  This home page is called iGoogle.  On your iGoogle homepage you can have a news feed, weather, comedy, videos, recipes and much more.  If you like to shop, you can select one of the many preselected tabs at the top of the google page that simply says "shop"  You are then taken to a page that will show a bunch of different items to choose from and a search bar.  If you don't see what you are looking for on the page, simply type it into the product search bar and you are shown what you are after.  The page will then give you a list of different sites offering the items and the prices.  Google will have the lowest price as the feature on the top of the page.  Looking for directions?  Many have found how wonderful it is to use Google Earth to get directions to a destination.  But, alas, this isn't everything that google has to offer.  Google has a huge list of many different things for its users, even online documentation storage.  Go to Google and check it out for yourself.

2) Yahoo-  Yahoo is a big competitor of Google's and I must say, quite competitive at that.  Yahoo was the first search engine to offer Instant messanging.  Many of us get into contact with friends and family through Yahoo messenger, it is a great way to talk instantly to someone when you are sitting at your computer.  Yahoo is also really good at helping you to search for things on the internet. You can also hop into a game, even check out some of the other forums that Yahoo offers for example, dating, groups, careers, movies and much more.  Yahoo makes it quite convenient for you to find the information that you need.

3) Dogpile- Dogpile compiles a search list from all of the top search engines that are found; google, bing, yahoo, etc.  Simply type in your desired search request, then hit the "fetch" button and the engine whizzes off to find the information that you are looking for.  Dogpile allows you to create a tool bar on your web browser so that you can use it directly when you are researching different topics.  On the main page you are greeted with a picture of a cute dog and popular "fetches" that have been performed by other users.  You can make dogpile your homepage just like you can with many other search engines. 

4) Swag Bucks- This search engine provides you a way to earn money and points for prizes.  However, in order to use Swagbucks as a search engine, you have to create an account.  If you aren't comfortable with this step, that's fine, as you know there are many alternatives on the internet.  If you do choose to become a member, there are a lot of interesting things that you can do on Swag Bucks besides simply searching for things.  Swag Bucks has a similar screen lay out to the one that you find on Yahoo.  You can even clip coupons with Swag Bucks and earn points for the coupons you choose.  This is a great way to save money at the store and earn a little extra on the side.  You can also watch different programs, simply by clicking on "Swag TV".  You are given a list of different videos, however at the top of the screen you can also choose from different genres.  If you think this is a cool way to earn points that can be cashed in for money or other items, hop on and take a ride on the Swag Bucks website. 

5) Bing- or As many people know, MSN has gained a lot of internet respect for the many things that they have done.  Most of which was being an inovator and getting the news on the web.  As many sites have done, they have evolved into a world of their own, part of that world is now Bing.  Bing is MSN's search engine system.  When you enter from Bings link, you are taken to their main page, which is simple with a pretty background.  From there, like all search engines, you simply type in what you are looking for and off you go to what is a list of available possibilites.  Bing also gives you an option list if you are looking for something specific like maps, entertainment, videos, etc.  If you don't want all the other stuff and want a basic search engine, simply go to Bing directly for your internet research needs.

6) Alta Vista- Alta Vista is another simplified search engine sticking to the basics of web searches.  You are greeted with a main screen that has the search tool bar, you can simply type in what you need and Alta Vista will give you a list of websites that you can review for your search.  You are given the option to strictly look in the US websites or also international sites that might be available for your search.  Not finding what you need, you can click on the small words "advanced search" Alta Vista will then help you do a deeper search for what you are looking for.  A little secret, Alta Vista is a part of Yahoo, so when you do your search you might be shocked when you look up at the top of your web browser and see the small yahoo icon. 

7) Web Crawler- Webcrawler is similar to Dogpile.  The site compiles a search from the top search engine sites and gives you a list of result.  It also provides you with some simplified key searches like coupons, this of course is stated as being one of its "featured" searches.  Again, if you are looking for simple, Webcrawler can help.

8) Have a question that needs to be answered? can help.  This is another simplified site.  When you go to the main page, you are greeted with the search bar and "Question of the Day".  Type in your question and answers will pop up, from there, you can then do the search that you need to do.  Ask is its own system.  When you do type in a search question or information, it is quick to retrieve the information that you are looking for. 

9) Lycos- Lycos has been around for a long time, however, because of the popularity of so many other sites, many people don't remember that Lycos is still available for your web searching needs.  Lycos uses a dog for its mascot.  On the home page, you are given images and information on the latest news.  This information could be from events happening around the world to the entertainment industry.  You are also given a list of "Things to do"  This list is compiled of Playing games, checking e-mail and much more.  To use the e-mail service you will have to pay a fee.  This one may be one to only use when doing an information search. However, if you are setting up a new business and wish to create a domain and e-mail for that business Lycos has reasonable rates for those looking to keep within a specific budget for their new businesses.

10) AOL- For many users of AOL they know how easy it is to use AOL's search engine.  You can compile a nice list using AOL's search engine.  AOL's homepage is no way simple.  You are given news information and much more.  If you don't want to feel overwhelmed when doing your search, you might want to skip this one, however, if you like getting additional information, then open up your arms to the search engine provided by AOL.  Many members that still use AOL do it every day.  AOL provides you with the latest news headlines as well as Sports, Entertainment, Weather and more. 

What ever search engine you choose just remember it does take time to adjust to if you have used others before.  Many people will go back to old habits and use the one that most people still use.  You hear the name used in most conversations when searching for information on the web.  That search engine of course in number one in the world.  As the saying all of us have heard for many years now; "Just Google It"  But, is google really for everyone? 

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very informative well written work.thanks

I agree with above. I actually didn't know about a few of them...