How to Activate Your Wi-fi Connection in Windows 7
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How to Activate Your Wi-fi Connection in Windows 7

Got difficulty accessing wi-fi signals while using your laptop computer. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to activate or reactivate your Wi-Fi connnection in Windows 7.

While operating your laptop computer in Windows 7 (especially the starter edition), there may be times that you get disconnected from a Wi-Fi connection or have trouble connecting to a nearby router even though the access point is active. This also happens if you switch on your laptop computer ahead of your home router. This is due to the failure of your integrated wireless adapter to run the correct settings that will enable your laptop computer to display the signal of the access point and allow you to connect to the internet.

How to Activate Your Wi-Fi Connection in Windows 7

You can address your internet connection problem by uninstalling your laptop's integrated wireless adapter and reinstalling it again. Hereunder are the steps to reactivate your Wi-Fi connection in Windows 7.

Step 1. Click Start (that round thing with windows design at the left corner of your laptop’s screen), find Computer , right-click it then select Properties. The Control Panel Home is displayed.

Step 2. Click Device Manager then click the arrow pointing to Network adapters. You are then presented with your 802.11 bgn wireless adapter whatever brand that is.

Step 3. Right-click the 802.11 bgn wireless adapter then select Uninstall. Wait as the 802.11 bgn wireless adapter is uninstalled.

Step 4. Still in the Device Manager, click Action then select Scan for hardware changes.

The wireless adapter will now be reinstalled automatically by your laptop computer. Wait about a minute or two and your access point should now display once you click the progressively increasing signal bars at the lower right hand side of your screen. Connect your computer to the internet by clicking on the Connect button.

Actions to Take If Unable to Establish Internet Connection

If upon clicking the progressive signal bars you are still unable to see the access point to establish internet connection, switch off your laptop computer and reboot again.

Make sure that you have put on your wireless adapter before doing so. This is done by holding down the function key (Fn) then hitting F8 or other keys where the wireless internet connection figure is located. Also, if you get your signal from your own router, make sure that it is properly configured and is switched on ahead of your laptop computer.

Once your laptop reboots and upon clicking the progressive bars at the right side of your screen, the access point should be visible. You should now be able to connect to the internet. If not, try repeating the step-by-step procedures on how to uninstall the wireless adapter and activate it once again.

© Patrick A. Regoniel 24 December 2010 How to Activate or Reactivate Your Wi-fi Connection in Windows 7

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very helpful tips here. Thanks mate :) v+