Choosing A Web Host Correctly
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Choosing A Web Host Correctly

Whether you are building a personal blog or a commercial business orientated website, choosing the right web hosting company is vital to your goal of creating a credible online presence. Your site requires a location or address where it resides. To accomplish this, you must utilize the services of a web hosting company that provides the user with a web address, bandwidth, server space and miscellaneous tools required to host a website.

There are literally dozens of different service providers competing in the marketplace and they all want your business. Some companies advertise deals that seem just too good to be true; offering free domain names, multiple secure e-mail accounts and a plethora of e-commerce tools in one convenient, low-cost package. There are some really great deals available from trustworthy and reputable web hosting companies: there are also some real scams. Beware of tricks and deceptive advertising.

One of the most important considerations when looking for a web host provider is the host’s ability to provide an uptime guarantee to make sure that your site won’t be experiencing an excessive amount of down time. Read the contract carefully and make sure that you have a clear understanding of your web hosting service guarantee. Next, read the reviews carefully. Many are not credible. Look for reviews that show the user’s domain name and that indicate the host provides excellent customer service and consistent uptime. If the web hosting company claims that they guarantee 100 per cent uptime, it’s a myth. Each and every service provider encounters times when they must be down to upgrade servers or for regularly scheduled maintenance. However, when the web host goes down, it is you that may lose profits. Monitor down time carefully. If the host company you select is down on a consistent basis, you may have to try another company rather than continue to possibly lose business. Down time cost money.

Does the hosting company offer 24/7 live customer service, network monitoring and technical support? Look for companies that offer a “real” person to answer your questions, not an automated recording machine. When you have problems with your website, you need an answer now, not “during regularly scheduled office hours”.

Ask questions about the web host’s security policies and procedures. Can they offer the assurance that all your data is safe and secure in the event of a natural or manmade disaster? An extensive amount of confidential information is exchanged via the Internet. Clarify how the web host is protecting your data from hackers.

Inquire about the web hosting company’s guarantee and cancellation policy. Is there an anytime money back guarantee if you become disenchanted with their services? Is there a cancellation penalty? What is the time length of the contract? Ask what happens to your data if you decide to cancel and how long you have to move it to another host.

Does the hosting company provide the e-commerce tools you need to manage your website including a secure shopping cart, credit card processing, log analysis, data base creation, and scripting in an affordable package with a user friendly control panel? Look for hidden costs and tacked on features. It is foolish to pay for tools that you don’t need or ones that are offered free from other providers. You may need all the “bells and whistles” if you are building a busy commerce site. However, if you are building a simple site with less than 10 pages there are many cheap hosting options available.

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